Eagle PR’s First Upper Case Award

College students are often told networking is the key to success, and I experienced the ultimate opportunity to heed that clichéd advice.

Eagle PR digital media director Christian Franklin and I recently attended the 2017 Upper Case Awards, where Eagle PR was awarded third place for a 30-day social media project. Not only were we surrounded by some of Oklahoma City’s most respected public relations professionals, we were recognized as one of them. 

Though I had to borrow cocktail attire from my mom, and our glasses were filled with Sprite while seasoned PR specialists sipped Chateau Musar, we were treated as respected professionals.

After an elegant night of networking and mingling, I realized my youth did not matter that night. College students sometimes feel chained back by inexperience and miss 100 percent of those shots they don’t take. I wasn’t confident submitting our project for an Upper Case Award, but Professor Watson strongly encouraged me to. Once I sent in our work, I didn’t expect to hear back from the Upper Case committee.

A few weeks into the fall semester, we got the news about our Upper Case award. In just three years Eagle PR has grown to a nationally ranked student agency, and the officers have gained priceless experience. Networking may be the key to success, but confidence is what carries you there.

-Aubree Hughes

Christianity and PR

When an individual thinks of the public relations and marketing industries, they wouldn’t put them in correlation with the Christian culture. Even in the “Bible belt” the primary objective for most organizations is making a profit, not spreading the word of God. Although public relations tries to link audience members’ personal interests with the success of its organizations, it’s hard to see why public relations would be a good outlet for bringing people to Christ.

What many Christian PR pros don’t realize, is the Bible gives great examples of spiritual advocates using communication to share their messages. Old and New Testament teachings have informed us of paramount biblical figures like Moses, Paul, and Jesus being advocates for God the way PR pros advocate for their company or clients. God sent these men out to persuade the public into hearing the truth, even if people turned away from the truth. These men had a purpose to become public representatives for God and changed thousands of lives through their strategic communication.

Utilizing public relations in the same ways of people in the Bible prove that public relations does have a purpose in God’s plan for humanity. Churches today are wanting better public relations, and some go so far to hire PR firms to build better relationships with the public. Religious organizations are now being heard because of good PR, and people themselves are becoming public representatives for their churches.

It just comes to show that every career field, especially public relations, can be a major impact for Christianity and not just another means of making money.

-Christian Franklin


What the Inauguration Celebration Says About the Publics’ Opinion of Trump

The Trump inauguration hype is still a hot topic. Most of us probably had a Gatsby-esque celebration in mind, but according to the Washington Post, this was one of Washington’s smallest celebrations in a long time. The ambiguity of what is to come of the presidency is thwarting many people from jumping on the commemorative train.  

Many people are not enthusiastic to celebrate our new president. A notable number of restaurants and bars did not even register to stay open late in Washington on Jan. 20. Celebrity performances fell through, and people didn’t rent party spaces like they did in 2009. Here are a few messages we may be sending with the lack of celebration:

  1. I voted for you, but I’m not happy about it.

  2. I’m not sure if he is an arrogant mogul or folk hero.

  3. We need reform, but we don’t have to like you, and we certainly don’t have to celebrate it.

  4. I didn’t vote for you, and I think you will ruin America.

  5. I voted for you, and I can’t wait for America to be great again. Let the celebrations commence.  

We sent a message with the electoral vote, the popular vote and now the inauguration celebration. The inauguration is another aspect of this presidency that is unprecedented. The presidency is shattering norms in many ways, and the inauguration is likely one of many to come.

-Aubree Hughes



Spotify Changed my Productivity Level: Playlists For All Walks of Life

“I believe music can transport you from where you were to where you might want to be. Music can carry you in between the cracks in our hearts. It can turn the sky blue. It can make the world perfect.” –August Rush (2007)

Remember August Rush? I can relate to the way music drives him.

Spotify is my simple tool for productivity. It makes my afternoon long runs more enjoyable. On a day I normally would have driven my car to class, I grab my headphones and decide to walk to my “Mellow Beats” playlist. Spotify has significantly influenced my daily step count. When my mind wanders and I can’t find the right hook on a news release, I can plug in “Acoustic Concentration” or “Study Beats” and usually find the right words.

When my apartment starts getting cluttered, there is nothing more satisfying than blasting the Beatles’ White Album and deep cleaning. (Thank you Spotify for finally making all 13 albums available.)

Why live life in silence? Music gives flight to imagination. I love this great free tool for improving my productivity level. Imagine what could happen if I quit using the free version and upgraded to premium.

-Aubree Hughes


Men in PR

As a male in PR, being in a dominantly woman career was not my original intent. Public relations drew me in because it was a unique career path and not just some everyday 9-5 desk job.

That being said, statistics show that PR is more heavily weighted towards women than men in terms of employment.

According to PR Daily, out of the 21,000 members in PRSA, around 73 percent were women. Interestingly enough, upper management positions in PR seem to lean more in favor of males, with 80 percent of those jobs occupied by men. And let’s not forget the comparison of salaries between men and women. While women earn a median salary of $66,467, men dominate this category with a median salary of $93,494. That is a huge discrepancy, in which most would view it as unfair.

So what does it mean to be a male in an industry that is predominately female? How do men make a name for themselves when there is an abundance of women to do the job?

I believe that men are desperately needed in PR because they can provide a different outlook to approach things. While women are more emotionally driven, men are driven by empowerment and the thirst to win. Men are naturally competitors, meaning they will stop at nothing to win.

In PR, it is important to have both the emotional factor and the competitive factor to be able to get the job done. Clients of PR professionals have the mindset to win over their audiences through emotion, but ultimately want to win them over by persuasion. Men bring an element to PR that is strong and persuasive, complementing a woman’s ability to persuade with emotion.

-Christian Franklin

3 Reasons You Should Intern at an Agency

Many college students are intimidated by the idea of interning at a PR agency. The way PR pros and professors describe it makes agency life sound like nothing but tight deadlines and long hours. I was nervous when I began my first agency internship, but three PR firms later, I have truly learned to love the excitement. Here are three reasons why I believe all college students can benefit from interning with an agency:

1. You learn it all.

Although it can often feel like trial by fire, you will finish your first internship at a firm with experience in basically every facet of PR: media relations, social media, design, event coordination, feature writing, blogging, you name it.

2. You have an entire team of seasoned PR pros to teach you.

Your supervisors and other team members know you’re just an intern and will be ready to answer your questions and share advice. There is no limit to what you will learn, and you will definitely increase your knowledge of the industry.

3. Your resume will thank you.

After interning at a firm, you will have worked on dozens of major clients and accomplished things that seem way above your skill level, thanks to the guidance of the PR pros with whom you work.

I can guarantee, after one semester at an agency you will have the tools you need to succeed in PR, so go and apply for an internship today!

-Kaitlin Franklin


How I Chose PR on a Whim and Loved it

College is an important time in the transition between childhood and adulthood. As a kid, you are convinced that what you chose to do in college determines what the rest of your life looks like. This idea holds true to some extent; you want to choose a major based on your interests. From there, everything else should fall into place.

However, this  idea begins to crumble when your plan changes before college even starts.

When I was in high school, I always wanted to be a teacher. I enjoyed tutoring and helping others, so it seemed to fit. More specifically, I wanted to major in English Education. I enjoyed the creative and literary aspects of English classes as well as the communication aspects of teaching. What could be more perfect?

A few weeks before I moved off to college, something in me flipped. I somehow decided I didn’t want to get stuck in the routine that English Education would put me in. It didn’t provide me with a creative outlet. I would simply be teaching content rather than creating it.

Thus, I decided to research other majors. Eventually I came across Public Relations. It wasn’t quite journalism, wasn’t quite advertising, and it veered just enough away from the English department. My experience choosing a major was a real Goldilocks’ story of deciding what fit best.

Going into it, I wasn’t entirely sure what I would be learning, but a year and a half into it, I’m loving it. I get to interact with many people, write in various forms and I’m actively learning.

-Mandolin Skipworth