Eagle PR's First Upper Case Award

College students are often told networking is the key to success, and I experienced the ultimate opportunity to heed that clichéd advice.

Eagle PR digital media director Christian Franklin and I recently attended the 2017 Upper Case Awards, where Eagle PR was awarded third place for a 30-day social media project. Not only were we surrounded by some of Oklahoma City’s most respected public relations professionals, we were recognized as one of them. 

Though I had to borrow cocktail attire from my mom, and our glasses were filled with Sprite while seasoned PR specialists sipped Chateau Musar, we were treated as respected professionals.

After an elegant night of networking and mingling, I realized my youth did not matter that night. College students sometimes feel chained back by inexperience and miss 100 percent of those shots they don’t take. I wasn’t confident submitting our project for an Upper Case Award, but Professor Watson strongly encouraged me to. Once I sent in our work, I didn’t expect to hear back from the Upper Case committee.

A few weeks into the fall semester, we got the news about our Upper Case award. In just three years Eagle PR has grown to a nationally ranked student agency, and the officers have gained priceless experience. Networking may be the key to success, but confidence is what carries you there.

-Aubree Hughes

Eagle PR Staff