Christianity and PR

When an individual thinks of the public relations and marketing industries, they wouldn’t put them in correlation with the Christian culture. Even in the “Bible belt” the primary objective for most organizations is making a profit, not spreading the word of God. Although public relations tries to link audience members’ personal interests with the success of its organizations, it’s hard to see why public relations would be a good outlet for bringing people to Christ.

What many Christian PR pros don’t realize, is the Bible gives great examples of spiritual advocates using communication to share their messages. Old and New Testament teachings have informed us of paramount biblical figures like Moses, Paul, and Jesus being advocates for God the way PR pros advocate for their company or clients. God sent these men out to persuade the public into hearing the truth, even if people turned away from the truth. These men had a purpose to become public representatives for God and changed thousands of lives through their strategic communication.

Utilizing public relations in the same ways of people in the Bible prove that public relations does have a purpose in God’s plan for humanity. Churches today are wanting better public relations, and some go so far to hire PR firms to build better relationships with the public. Religious organizations are now being heard because of good PR, and people themselves are becoming public representatives for their churches.

It just comes to show that every career field, especially public relations, can be a major impact for Christianity and not just another means of making money.

-Christian Franklin


Eagle PR Staff