What the Inauguration Celebration Says About the Publics’ Opinion of Trump

The Trump inauguration hype is still a hot topic. Most of us probably had a Gatsby-esque celebration in mind, but according to the Washington Post, this was one of Washington’s smallest celebrations in a long time. The ambiguity of what is to come of the presidency is thwarting many people from jumping on the commemorative train.  

Many people are not enthusiastic to celebrate our new president. A notable number of restaurants and bars did not even register to stay open late in Washington on Jan. 20. Celebrity performances fell through, and people didn’t rent party spaces like they did in 2009. Here are a few messages we may be sending with the lack of celebration:

  1. I voted for you, but I’m not happy about it.

  2. I’m not sure if he is an arrogant mogul or folk hero.

  3. We need reform, but we don’t have to like you, and we certainly don’t have to celebrate it.

  4. I didn’t vote for you, and I think you will ruin America.

  5. I voted for you, and I can’t wait for America to be great again. Let the celebrations commence.  

We sent a message with the electoral vote, the popular vote and now the inauguration celebration. The inauguration is another aspect of this presidency that is unprecedented. The presidency is shattering norms in many ways, and the inauguration is likely one of many to come.

-Aubree Hughes



Eagle PR Staff