Spotify Changed my Productivity Level: Playlists For All Walks of Life

“I believe music can transport you from where you were to where you might want to be. Music can carry you in between the cracks in our hearts. It can turn the sky blue. It can make the world perfect.” –August Rush (2007)

Remember August Rush? I can relate to the way music drives him.

Spotify is my simple tool for productivity. It makes my afternoon long runs more enjoyable. On a day I normally would have driven my car to class, I grab my headphones and decide to walk to my “Mellow Beats” playlist. Spotify has significantly influenced my daily step count. When my mind wanders and I can’t find the right hook on a news release, I can plug in “Acoustic Concentration” or “Study Beats” and usually find the right words.

When my apartment starts getting cluttered, there is nothing more satisfying than blasting the Beatles’ White Album and deep cleaning. (Thank you Spotify for finally making all 13 albums available.)

Why live life in silence? Music gives flight to imagination. I love this great free tool for improving my productivity level. Imagine what could happen if I quit using the free version and upgraded to premium.

-Aubree Hughes


Eagle PR Staff