Lessons from a student media relations director

Working as the media relations director for EaglePR, I was able to improve on my writing skills since I had been given the position in January of 2018. Not only writing press releases and media alerts, but in addition, I was able to develop new skills as the team leader for the Up to Us competition. The majority of my work for EaglePR stemmed from my position as the team leader for Up to Us OC.

After I was asked to lead a group of students in a campaign competition concerning college campus awareness of the nation’s debt crisis, I had some nerves going into the position. Since Up to Us OC was a campaign mainly focused on financial and fiscal policies, I had to learn all I could about economics. With the events, I had to learn to be able to manage my time and be somewhere if it was necessary. This ranged from events in the student center to helping outside of the basketball games.

Being a leader meant I had to stay on the ball and be able to direct the other team members with what needed to be done. Being able to attend a team leader workshop in Phoenix, Arizona, during our campaign competition opened up new horizons for me. I was able to obtain knowledge and skills that would not only benefit me for this competition, but also for my future career.

My fall semester for EaglePR was productive other than media relations and Up to Us. I was still involved with PRSSA and brought myself to volunteer to work as much as I could on external projects. -Christian Franklin

josh watson