PR in a student-run PR firm

I didn’t go into college with the goal of becoming the director of a PR firm. I simply sought out an education that would benefit me once I graduated college; I didn’t expect to get so much experience so soon. Regardless of my expectations, Eagle PR gave me the opportunity to apply my education in an unexpected way.

I didn’t start out as director but rather worked my way up as my experiences grew. I had the opportunity to learn from those who came before that paved the way for OC’s student-run PR firm. Starting as the research coordinator, followed by serving as the media relations coordinator, I now serve as the firm director where I communicate with real clients off and on campus, lead successful campaigns, where one earned honorable mention, write for real-world reporters and edit and delegate colleague work.

Eagle PR is a great place for public relations and advertising students to be appropriately challenged, apply the content they learned in the classroom and spend time networking.

There’s beauty in the unexpected experiences you gain in college. Sometimes it comes in the form of the friendships you make or the classes you take; other times it’s in the work you get to do to further your education. Eagle PR has been one of those opportunities I’ve been honored to experience. -Mandolin Skipworth

josh watson