What Eagle PR has taught me

This semester has been a year of learning for me, in school and in life. I’ve always wanted to get experience doing event planning, and through the time I have been in Eagle PR, I got that opportunity. Even on a small scale, it gave me the chance to see that this really is something I want to pursue in the future. I was able to learn how to start with just an idea and then bring it to life for others to experience. 

I think what I really enjoyed the most was knowing how much work goes into getting everything ready and then people just seeing the end result. It now makes me think about all the events I’ve ever been to and how I never even thought twice about how much work went into making it possible.

I liked meeting new people through the process of inviting guest speakers, finding a place to hold our event, and of course, the actual event itself.

Eagle PR is a friendly environment that encourages teamwork and provides a place to brainstorm new ideas. I found this to be a very helpful environment for me to grow as a public relations major because I was able to learn from my peers and have help along the way.  This semester was challenging with the workload that I obtained, but it taught me how to use my time wisely and gave me communication skills that will help me excel in my future. -Bayley Eckhart

josh watson