3 Reasons You Should Intern at an Agency

Many college students are intimidated by the idea of interning at a PR agency. The way PR pros and professors describe it makes agency life sound like nothing but tight deadlines and long hours. I was nervous when I began my first agency internship, but three PR firms later, I have truly learned to love the excitement. Here are three reasons why I believe all college students can benefit from interning with an agency:

1. You learn it all.

Although it can often feel like trial by fire, you will finish your first internship at a firm with experience in basically every facet of PR: media relations, social media, design, event coordination, feature writing, blogging, you name it.

2. You have an entire team of seasoned PR pros to teach you.

Your supervisors and other team members know you’re just an intern and will be ready to answer your questions and share advice. There is no limit to what you will learn, and you will definitely increase your knowledge of the industry.

3. Your resume will thank you.

After interning at a firm, you will have worked on dozens of major clients and accomplished things that seem way above your skill level, thanks to the guidance of the PR pros with whom you work.

I can guarantee, after one semester at an agency you will have the tools you need to succeed in PR, so go and apply for an internship today!

-Kaitlin Franklin


josh watson