How I Chose PR on a Whim and Loved it

College is an important time in the transition between childhood and adulthood. As a kid, you are convinced that what you chose to do in college determines what the rest of your life looks like. This idea holds true to some extent; you want to choose a major based on your interests. From there, everything else should fall into place.

However, this  idea begins to crumble when your plan changes before college even starts.

When I was in high school, I always wanted to be a teacher. I enjoyed tutoring and helping others, so it seemed to fit. More specifically, I wanted to major in English Education. I enjoyed the creative and literary aspects of English classes as well as the communication aspects of teaching. What could be more perfect?

A few weeks before I moved off to college, something in me flipped. I somehow decided I didn’t want to get stuck in the routine that English Education would put me in. It didn’t provide me with a creative outlet. I would simply be teaching content rather than creating it.

Thus, I decided to research other majors. Eventually I came across Public Relations. It wasn’t quite journalism, wasn’t quite advertising, and it veered just enough away from the English department. My experience choosing a major was a real Goldilocks’ story of deciding what fit best.

Going into it, I wasn’t entirely sure what I would be learning, but a year and a half into it, I’m loving it. I get to interact with many people, write in various forms and I’m actively learning.

-Mandolin Skipworth


Eagle PR Staff